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2022 IDEAS Global AI Conference & Blockchain Leadership Connect


We Need You to Support the Community!

We are constantly seeking partners to bring more opportunity and innovation for the community. You can support our mission by getting involved in various projects. To learn more about supporting International Data Engineering And Science Association, please contact [email protected].


Why Join ?

IDEAS offers practical resources to help members connect and collaborate. Our members are individuals and organizations that are enthusiastic about developing Data Science skills, and also eager to exchange knowledge with other Data Science experts.


We stand at the forefront of shaping the data science community with integrating invaluable talents and organizations. You will gain online community access and Chapter Participation to network with like-minded talents.


You could also discover the market trend and receive job opportunity notice through our Newsletters.


Explore cutting edge technology and obtain unique insight into real-world applications through our conferences and events. Our Data Science Conferences are held year-round throughout the nation.


As our world moves toward an increasingly data-driven reality, we believe it is critical that we service this data ecosystem as a whole. In the field, data science and data engineering go hand-in-hand. Data engineering lays the foundational infrastructure for data science while data science generates innovation that makes the whole thing worthwhile. To better reflect this, we started the International Data Engineering and Science Association or IDEAS for short.

Our Mission

We bridge the gap between academia and the industry. We build a data engineering and science hub by providing robust resources and connecting real-world expertise together from business leaders, professionals, and promising students. Our vision is to foster the data engineering and data science ecosystems and broaden the adoption of their underlying technologies, thus accelerating the innovations data can bring to society. We empower and nurture community growth by offering online resources, conferences, latest industry trends and data related job opportunities.