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Blockchain Leadership Connect 2018

May 13, 2018

BlockChain Week NYC

About the Blockchain Leadership Connect

Joining the New York Blockchain Week is excellent. As a professional non-profit organization dedicated to data science and AI, we have hosted numerous conferences across the U.S. in the past few years. We are excited to witness the revolutionary progress in the Blockchain world. When data science and AI join together with blockchain, we believe it’s the future of the Internet. The goal of our Blockchain Leadership Connect is to create a community, which can connect blockchain leaders, developers, and enthusiasts. You are expecting an elite conference on technology and practices of the blockchain. Experts from all around the world will meet together and discuss the trend and future.

Industry Experts


09:00-10:00 REGISTRATION New York Marriott Marquis Hotel
10:00-10:05 OPENING PLENARY Marquis C Ballroom Jason Geng, Int’l Data Engineering and Science Association
10:05-10:25 SESSION Latest Crypto Trading Tools and Strategies

by Peter Borovykh, Blockchain Solution Architect at BlockchainDriven

10:30-10:50 SESSION The Future of Work: Using AI & Blockchain Technologies to Design Work Around the Human Experience

by Ben Stewart, Co-founder & CTO at Blackbox AI

10:55-11:35 PANEL Blockchain Application – Innovation, Risk & Security

by Alexander Blum, Managing Partner of Block Collective

Michael Williamson, Founder of MiaBlockchain LLC

Rajeev Aggarwal, President & Senior Blockchain Technology Consultant at Golden Ratio Software Services LLC

Douglas Graham, CEO of Ideation Inc.

Keith Oliver M. Downer, Managing Partner at AEGEUS Risk Consulting

11:40-12:00 SESSION Evolution of the Blockchain as a Technology

by Thomas Zakrzewski, Distinguished Engineer, Head of Architect and Design at S&P

12:05-12:25 SESSION Tackling Blockchain TPS Performance Bottlenecks

by Emma Zhu, CMO of HPB (High Performance Blockchain)

12:30-12:50 SESSION QLC Chain – A multidimensional Functional Block-Lattice Public Chain with Smart Contract Support for Network

by Susan Zhou, Co-Founder & COO at QLC Chain

12:50-13:10 TALK+RAFFLE EVENT   COLDLAR – The Way to Blockchain Era

Wendy Wang, Co-founder and CMO of Coldlar

13:10-13:30 LUNCH BREAK
13:30-14:10 PANEL Marquis C Ballroom



AI, Operation Research and Blockchain

by Feng Han, Founder of Elastos

Hong Wan, Director of Purdue Blockchain Lab & Associate Professor at Purdue University

Huadong Pang, Founder of Eigen Capital

Hongcai Guo, Founder of Bitangel

Daniel Wang, Founder and Chairman of Loopring Protocol

Jiyue Lou, Founder of Tokenmania Asset Management Corporation

Dadi Xing, Co-founder of Shuju Technology

14:15-14:35 SESSION The Shock and Awe of Blockchain’s Disruptive Impact on Businesses Cultures.

by John Riley III, Co-founder & CEO of C-N-C Blockchain Advisory

14:40-15:00 SESSION Blockchain Technology: Disrupting the Art Market

by Elena Zavelev, Founder and CEO of New Art Academy

15:05-15:45 PANEL Blockchain Business: CEO Talk

by Jason Geng, Committee Chair of IDEAS

Xiaochuan Guo, CEO at TAI Lab Silicon Valley

Jai Prasad, CEO of Token Analyst

Kevin Grimm, CEO of The Daily Bit

Jamiel Sheikh, CEO of Override Labs

Grace F. Schroeder, CEO of SLINGR.io

15:50-16:10 SESSION Blockchain: Realizing the Promise of the Internet of Things

by Ed Maguire, Insights Partner of Momenta Partners

16:15-16:35 SESSION How Crypto is Disrupting Venture Investing

by Jason Choi, Venture Partner of Contrary Capital, Host of Blockcrunch Podcast

16:40-17:20 PANEL Blockchain Investment: The Future and Community

by Dr. Sebastian Gajek, Professor, CTO and Co-founder of Weeve

Anurag Angara, Blockchain Product Manager at Hydrogen

Aleksei Antonov, Co-founder of Sonm

Zahid Sagiroglu, Co-founder of Colendi

Kenneth Cucchia, Business Development Manager and Chief Marketing Officer at Bitcoin Private, Core Coin


Aleksei Antonov
Co-Founder at Sonm
Alexander Blum
Managing Partner at Block Collective
Anurag Angara
Blockchain Product Manager at Hydrogen
Ben Stewart
Co-Founder & CTO at Blackbox AI
Dadi Xing
The Co-Founder of Shuju Technology
Dong (Daniel) Wang
Founder and Chairman of Loopring Foundation
Douglas Graham
CEO at Ideation Inc
Dr. Sebastian Gajek
Professor, CTO and Co-Founder at Weeve
Ed Maguire
Insights Partner at Momenta Partners
Elena Zavelev
Elena Zavelev
​CEO and Founder at CADAF
Emma Zhu
Feng Han
Founder of Elastos
Frank Wang
Oversea Lead and Research Analyst @Xtoken
Grace F. Schroeder
Hong Wan
Director of Purdue Blockchain Lab & Association Professor of Purdue
Huadong (Henry) Pang
Founder of Eigen Capital
Jai Prasad
CEO at TokenAnalyst
Jamiel Sheikh
CEO at Override Labs
Jason Choi
Venture Partner, Contrary Capital | Host, Blockcrunch Podcast
John Riley III
Co-Founder and CEO of C-N-C Blockchain Advisory
Keith Downer
Managing Partner at Aegeus Risk Consulting
Kenneth Cucchia
Business Development Manager (BTCP) at Bitcoin Private | Chief Marketing Officer (CC) at Core Coin
Kevin Grimm
CEO at The Daily Bit
Michael Williamson
Founder at MiaBlockchain LLC
Peter Borovykh
Blockchain Solution Architect at BlockchainDriven
Rajeev Aggarwal
President & Senior Blockchain Technology Consultant at Golden Ratio Software Services LLC
Co-founder and COO at Qlink Foundation
Thomas Zakrzewski
Distinguished Engineer at S&P Global Market Intelligence | Head of Architecture and Digital Design at Risk Services
Wendy Wang
Co-founder and CMO at Coldlar
Xiaochuan Guo
CEO at Tai Lab Silicon Valley
Xinxing Duan
The CEO & Co-Founder of Bytom
Yali Harari
Co-founder and CEO at Innovesta Technologies Ltd.
Zahid Sagiroglu
Co-Founder at Colendi


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New York Marriott Marquis

1535 Broadway, New York, NY 10036