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Chicago Blockchain Week

Blockchain Capital

August 24-26, 2018


Hosting a blockchain conference, meetup, afterparty or other networking events August 21-27 and interested in joining us for Blockchain week? Contact us at [email protected] for more information.

Through a series of blockchain events from August 24 to August 27, Blockchain Week at Chicago includes the following industry events:

Aug 24-25

“the Voice of Blockchain”

Aug 25 & 26

Global Blockchain Hackathon – Final Round

Aug 25

Saturday Night Afterparty

Aug 26

The Blockchain Leadership Connect

Aug 26


This is the premier event for 50+ Blockchain business leaders, 100+ Youtubers and 250+ cutting-edge blockchain technology and 5000+ attendee.


100+ judges and teams, 50+ medias are invited to discuss Blockchain technology, industrial development and investment trend. IBM will provide technical support.

An opportunity to communicate and mingle with 100+ Blockchain leaders, investors, and partners.


A Summit that bridges the latest Blockchain innovative projects with the Blockchain academic institute, technology companies and experts.

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An exclusive networking event at Hyatt Regency Chicago. Come join us and mingle with blockchain disruptors, business owners and other FinTech fanatics with food and drinks.


We welcome you to our 2018 Chicago Blockchain Week in the world-famous financial center — Chicago! Our event connects real-world experts together from business leaders, entrepreneurs, blockchain professionals, angle investors and promising students. Chicago Blockchain Week provides an opportunity to discuss Blockchain technology, startup experiences and investing strategies. At the same time, it is a platform for networking, learning new knowledge, expanding horizons and an open source for future partnership and business developments.

August 24-25

Voice of Blockchain

  • Two-Day Exhibition
  • Access to Attendee List
  • Promote to Attendees Through Event App
  • Access to VIP Area in After Party
  • Logo on Stage Backdrops

 August 25 & 26

Final Global Hackathon Competition

  • Speaking Slot
  • Workshop
  • Brand Marketing
  • Email Promotion
  • Customized Passes

August 26

Blockchain Leadership Conference

  • Project Pitch
  • ICO
  • Meeting Investors
  • Partnership Opportunity
  • Recruiting Talents

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Tone Vays

Crypto Scam Podcast

Tor Bair

Head of Growth at Enigma

Lisa Nestor

Partnerships at Stellar


Jimmy Song

Bitcoin Educator, Developer

Joe Renz

Advisor to IOTA


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Navy Pier   August 24 & 25

Hyatt Regency Chicago (TBD)  August 25 & 26