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2022 IDEAS Global AI Conference & Blockchain Leadership Connect

Dec. 17 – 18, 2022

Los Angeles Convention Center

About  us

IDEAS Global AI Conference

The IDEAS (Int’l Data Engineering and Science Association – 501.c.3 Non-profit ) Global AI Conference is a learning platform designed to connect AI & data science enthusiasts. It will demonstrate cutting-edge technology and feature AI & data science experts discussing a wide variety of topics including industry trends, data science applications, open-source software, machine learning, and much more.

This is the must-attend event for anyone who is already in the field or just looking to expand their career network within the AI & Data Science arena.

About the Blockchain Leadership Connect

As a professional non-profit organization dedicated to data science and AI, we have hosted numerous conferences across the U.S. in the past few years. We are excited to witness the revolutionary progress in the Blockchain world. When data science and AI join together with blockchain, we believe it’s the future of the Internet. The goal of our Blockchain Leadership Connect is to create a community, which can connect blockchain leaders, developers, and enthusiasts. You are expecting an elite conference on the technology and practices of the blockchain. Experts from all around the world will meet together and discuss the trend and future.

Keynotes & Panels

Our multiple tracks offer a diverse selection of trending topics, including Artificial Intelligence & Automation, Big Data and Infrastructure, Machine Learning and Deep Learning, Data Visualizations, Data AnalyticsHealthcare & IOT, Business Practice, and Data Security.

The topics covered will involve many industries, including Healthcare, FinTech, Retail, Media, Manufacturing, Insurance, Education, E-Commerce, and more.

Both industry-leading companies and startup firms will present at the conference and demonstrate innovative data analytics technologies. Previous featured speakers included those from IBM, Intel, Capital One, City of Los Angeles, Caltech, Alibaba, Accenture AI, and several other industry-leading companies.

 Past Speakers

Andrei Konan
Sr. Staff Firmware Engineer at SK hynix memory solutions Inc.
Noel Gomez
Data Science Manager at convexa.ai
Alex Reeves
Data Scientist at Data Skeptic
Nektar Baziotis
President at ENKI Inc.
KC chohan
Founder at togethercfo.com
Cho-Nan Tsai
CTO CISO at Camino Financial
Steve Rimar
CEO & Founder at Analytica Consulting
Marina Shumaieva
President & CTO at CruiseBe INC
Nirmal Budhathoki
Data Scientist at Wells Fargo
Chad Peiper
Chief Architect, Verif-y Inc
Jayesh Patel
Sr Data Engineer at Rockstar Games
Ganapathi Pulipaka
Chief Data Scientist | SAP Technical Lead at Accenture
Anubhav Bhatia
VP Engineering at SAP
Alagappan Sethuraman
Software Engineer, Data Platform at Lyft
Peter Voss
CEO/ Chief Scientist at Aigo.ai
Daniel Won
Senior Software Engineer at Lyft
Neal Fultz
Principal consultant at njnm consulting
Pavel Ferreri
Worldwide Leader, Global Strategy & Sales, IBM Cloud Platform
Mark Scardina
Director at Oracle
Michael Izatt
Chief Data Scientist at Hitachi Consulting
Shilpa Balan
Assistant Professor at California State University
Sonali Sharma
Senior Data Engineer at Netflix
Irina Kukuyeva
Data Science Consultant & Founder at Kukuyeva Consulting
Malco Wu
Senior Staff Data Scientist/Consultant at Futurewei Technologies
Tess Badun
Data Scientist at Dig Insights
Mark Donsky
Senior Director of Product Management at Okera
Andrew Zhang
VP of Tech and AI at kinestry.io
Andrew Zhang
Watson Data and AI IBM
Kyle Polich
Data scientist at Data Skeptic
Dennis O’Neill
CEO at O'Neill Capital Advisors
John Daly
President at Algomus
Chong Ho Yu
Associate Professor at Azusa Pacific University
Pavel Dmitriev
Vice President of Data Science at Outreach
Meina Zhou
Senior Consultant, Data Scientist at Indellient
Mayank Kejriwal
Research Lead/Research Professor at Information Sciences Institute
Alex Ermolaev
Director of AI at Change Healthcare
Adeel Najmi
Chief Product Officer at LevaData
Gyan Prakash
Senior Algorithm Developer at Applied Materials
Aleksandra Kudriashova
Senior Software Engineer at Astro Digital
Jerry Power
Executive Director, Institute for Communications Technology Management (CTM) at University of Southern California
Laura Noren
VP at Obsidian Security Inc.
Dave Nielsen
Head of Community & Ecosystem Programs at Redis Labs, Inc.
Cesar Acosta
PROFESSOR at University of Southern California
Edward Mehr
CEO at Cyberpunk Lab
Michael Housman
Chief Data Science Officer at RapportBoost.AI
Vladyslav Ivanov
Quantitative Researcher
Samuel Berger
CIO at CLEAR Financial Technologies
Juan Vasquez
Data Programs Manager at City of Los Angeles
Albert Fattal
AI and Blockchain Research Scientist at California Polytechnic University
Artur Kiulian
Member at Colab
Ryan Wang
Founding Partner at Outpost Capital
Scott Kelly
Advisor at blackdogventurepartners.com
Zechariah Krautwurst
Technical Product Manager
Cathy Tanimura
Sr. Director of Analytics & Data Science at STRAVA
Corinne Powers
Sr. Data Scientist at RETINA
Ali Arsanjani
Sr AI/ML Specialist at Amazon Web Service
Michael Broughton
Founder at University of Southern California
Mark Fidelman
Chief Marketing Officer
Christian Kameir
Managing Partner at Sustany Capital
Ashwin Krishnan
COO at UberKnowledge
Habeeb Syed
Corporate and Securities Partner
Alex Nascimento
Co-Founder at 7ccinvest.com
Rayaan Arif
Founder - Principle at Fundingtree.com
Jeremy Musighi
Chief Investment Officer / Director of Blockchain Strategy at immutable.capital
Jay Kim
Senior Data Scientist at SoCalGas
Shefali Dua
Chief of Staff Analytics at Genpact
Mike Yung
Data Scientist @ Uber
Federico Rosenhain
Business Developement Principal @ Analytics Center of Excellence, SAP
John Chao
Co-founder and CEO, Tresl, Inc.
Druva Reddy Tiruvuru
Cloud Data Engineer @ Pluto7 Consulting Inc
Alexis Roos
Sr Manager, Data Science at Twitter
Joseph Chen
Vice President, Data Science at SMG - Service Management Group
Lydia Gaid
Student, Azusa Pacific University
Min Zhang
Head of Investment Technology at United Capital
Ameya Gokhale
Data Scientist at Stackline.
Jules Hilliard
CEO @ Secure Block Technologies
Morvareed Salehpour
Managing Partner @ Salehpour Legal Consulting
Alan Young
CEO & Founder
Peter Voss
CEO/ Chief Scientist
Mayank Kejriwal
Research Assistant Professor
Chong Ho Yu
Anand Ranganathan
Chief AI Officer
Bin Fan
VP of Open Source, Founding Engineer
Sreyoshi Bhaduri
Manager, Global People Research & Analytics
Pavel Ferreri
GTM Strategy Leader, Alliances & Channel Sales, IBM Cloud Platform
Mark McQuade
Practice Manager - Data Science
Herbert Roitblat
Principal Data Scientist
Patrick Alexander
Cloud Solution Architect
Ganapathi Pulipaka
Chief AI HPC Scientist
Meina Zhou
Data Science Manager
Jacopo Tagliabue
Lead A.I. Scientist
Todd Greene
Founder & CEO
Jayesh Patel
Sr Data Engineer
Pavel Dmitriev
VP of Data Science
Jerry Power
Samuel Berger
VP of Technology
Morvareed Salehpour
Managing Partner
Rayaan Arif
CEO & Co-Founder
Neal Fultz
Principal Data Scientist
Cho-Nan Tsai
Chief Technology Officer
Edward Upton
Founder & CEO
Cindy Cheng
Adjunct faculty
James R Dorsett
Lucy Zhou
Technology Strategies and Manager
Umesh Rao. Hodeghatta
Lead Data Scientist
Alessandro Marianantoni
Jike Chong
Director of Data Science
Andrew Zhang
Sr. Tech Account Manager

Past Session Tracks

Attendees have access to a broad range of session talks. Here are some insightful topics covered in this year event:

Artificial Intelligence

  • Applications of Conversational AI to Improve Patient Outcomes
  • Towards conversing with your data
  • Roadmap to Artificial General Intelligence
  • A.I. in the multiverse: measuring A.I. ROI with A.I.
  • AI, knowledge graphs and COVID-19: The Journey so Far
  • AI & the Law
  • Why your Chatbots need a Brain?

Machine Learning & Deep Learning

  • Democratize Machine Learning Features
  • How AI Powered Chatbots and Language Services are Breaking Barriers in Business Today
  • Personalized News is Hard

Big Data

  • Optimizing Latency-Sensitive Queries for Presto at Facebook
  • Using Azure Services for Big Data in Cloud
  • Creating Seamless Experiences for a Remote World

Data Science & Analytics

  • Large-scale international assessment by data visualization and rapid data mining
  • Making use of Customer Lifetime Value in e-commerce
  • How to Build a Fraud Detection System using Machine Learning Models
  • Hard Things about A/B Testing
  • Rock Solid Security Methods for Projects with Critical Data

Industrial & Entrepreneurship

  • Top AI and Data trends in fintech for 2021
  • Entrepreneurship in AI and startup

More: IOT, Healthcare ..

  • Data Sharing Between Smart Communities
  • Smart City Energy Platform
  • Disruptive Innovation, Making Possible the Impossible
  • People-first in People Analytics

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Los Angeles Convention Center

Conference Room: 515

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