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AI, Data Science

& Blockchain

April 14, 2018

Harvard University

Northwest Building B-103

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About the Conference

The theme for this conference is “Technology. Innovation. Career.” Our goal is to create a cross-campus data science learning platform and bring together business and academic leaders, young professionals, entrepreneurs and promising students. The conference will demonstrate cutting-edge technology and offer unique insight into what is possible with machine learning and data science while providing attendees with opportunities to expand their career networks.


  • Gain insight into the future of data science development as well as the trending technologies. Featuring speakers from Microsoft, IBM, Dell EMC, Groupon, Datascope, Uptake, Pachyderm, Dunn Solutions Group, Metis and other industry leading companies.
  • Network with Data Scientists from various backgrounds and discover career opportunities.
  • Topic Areas: Data Science Application, Open-source Software, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics and Artificial Intelligence


Andrew Zhang
Watson Cloud Advocate of IBM
Dadi Xing
The Co-Founder of Shuju Technology
Daniel Theobald
Co-Founder Vecna, MassRobotics
Feng Han
Founder of Elastos
Frank Wang
Oversea Lead and Research Analyst @Xtoken
Hong Wan
Director of Purdue Blockchain Lab & Association Professor of Purdue
Huadong (Henry) Pang
Founder of Eigen Capital
Justin Fortier
Principal Data Scientist at ViralGains (Ad Tech)
Kit Pang
TEDx & Keynote Speaker | Founder of BostonSpeaks
Michael Lubavin
Lead Software Engineer at ViralGains
Ron Ribitzky, MD
Physician Executive Healthcare IT
Shahid Azim
EIR @ Harvard
Co-founder and COO at Qlink Foundation
Ty McGuire
CFO of Ocean Capital Advisors
Vipul Tiwari
Partner at Reni Analytics
Xinxing Duan
The CEO & Co-Founder of Bytom


09:00-10:00 REGISTRATION   
10:00-10:10 OPENING PLENARY International Data Engineering and Science Association
10:10-10:40 SESSION Six Points to a Winning Supply Chain Automation Strategy

By Daniel Theobald

–Co-founder Vecna, Massrobotics

10:45-11:15 SESSION Watson Studio – Deep Learning as a Service

By Andrew Zhang

–Watson and Cloud Architect at IBM

11:20-11:50 SESSION Blockchain, Tech Start-Ups  & Evolving Business Models

By Shahid Azim

–President & COO, Zemcar

11:55-12:30 PANEL (Blockchain) How blockchain has facilitated firms in the industry

Ty McGuire—CFO, OCA

Frank Wang—Oversea Lead and Research Analyst @Xtoken

Hong Wan–Director of Purdue Blockchain Lab & Association Professor of Purdue University

12:30-13:30 LUNCH BREAK  
13:30-14:00 SESSION Digging AI for Precision Medicine

By Ron Ribitzky,MD

–Founder &CEO, R&D Ribitzky

14:05-14:35 SESSION To Bid or Not To Bid: Machine Learning in Ad Tech

By Justin Fortier–Principal data scientist, Viralgains

Michael Lubavin (co-presenter)—Lead software engineer, Viralgains

14:40-15:10 PANEL (Blockchain) Blockchain innovations of 2018

Feng Han—Founder of Elastos

Dadi Xing—The Co-Founder of Shuju Technology

Huadong (Henry) Pang

—Founder of Eigen Capital

15:13-15:27 SESSION

Build the  “Internet of Asset”

By Xinxing Duan

-CEO & Co-Founder of Bytom

15:30-16:00 SESSION Leveraging Blockchain and Emerging Technologies to Digitize Supply Chain

By Vipul Tiwari

—Partner at Reni Analytics

16:05-16:35 SESSION Qlink – Self-Organized Network on Blockchain

By Susan Zhou

–Co-Founder and COO at Qlink Foundation




Harvard University

Parking: 52 Oxford Street Garage, Cambridge, MA

Direction and Parking

Networking Mixer Venue

Noir, The Charles Hotel: (0.5 miles from Harvard University)