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2023 IDEAS Blockchain Leadership Connect

Oct. 15, 2023

Los Angeles Convention Center

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IDEAS Blockchain Leadership Connect

The IDEAS (Int’l Data Engineering and Science Association – 501.c.3 Non-profit ) is a learning platform designed to connect Web 3.0, AI & data science enthusiasts. As a professional non-profit organization dedicated to data science and AI, we have hosted numerous conferences across the U.S. in the past few years. We are excited to witness the revolutionary progress in the Web 3.0 world. When data science and AI join together with blockchain, we believe it’s the future of the Internet. The goal of our conference is to create a community, which can connect blockchain leaders, developers, and enthusiasts. You are expecting an elite conference on the technology and practices of the blockchain. Experts from all around the world will meet together and discuss the trend and future.

Keynotes & Panels

Our multiple tracks offer a diverse selection of trending topics. The topics covered will involve many industries, including Healthcare, FinTech, Retail, Media, ManufacturingInsuranceEducation, E-Commerce, and more.

Both industry-leading companies and startup firms will present at the conference and demonstrate innovative technologies. Previous featured speakers included those from IBM, IntelCapital One, City of Los Angeles, Caltech, Alibaba, Accenture AI, and several other industry-leading companies.


Amirhossein Jaberzadeh Ansari
Chief Scientist @ Baysian
Marvin Bantugan
CTO@Zventus Blockchain Solutions
Adrian Robison
Christian Kameir
Managing Partner @ Sustany Capital
Mariana Danilovic
Managing Director @Infiom, LLC
Sanjay Raghavan
Sanjay Raghavan
VP, Web3 Initiatives @ Roofstock, Inc.
Monica Zou
Monica Zou
Founder / Director of Marketing and BD @ 3xcelsior Partners / MetaWorld Entertainment
Joshua Meng
Founder @ RSS3

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Conference Agenda

2023 Blockchain Leadership Connect Agenda
Time Topic Speaker Title
Oct-15th, 2023 (Pacific Time)
9:30 AM Check-In
10:00 AM
Keynote – 1
Amir Jazanah
Chief Scientist @Bayes Solution
Enhancing Scalability and Reliability in Decentralized Federated Learning with Blockchain
10:30 AM
Keynote – 2
Adrian Robison
Where do NFTs go from here?
11:00 AM
Keynote – 3
Marvin Bantugan
Blockchain and AI usage in financial services
11:30 AM
Keynote – 4
Sanjay Raghavan
How Decentralized Finance is Disrupting Global Private Credit
12:00 PM
Workshop Session
Amir Jazanah
Chief Scientist@Bayes Solution
How to build a GPT project?
12:30 PM
Keynote – 5
Monica Zou
Marketing Director@MetaWorld Entertainment
Building the Future: Harnessing Blockchain Gaming, NFTs, Web3, and Gen AI for a Unified Digital Ecosystem
1:00 PM
Keynote – 6
Christian Kameir
Managing Partner@Sustany Capital
The Worst Mistakes Blockchain Rookies Make—and How to Avoid Them
1:30 PM
Keynote – 7
Mariana Danilovic
Managing Director@Infiom
How are Generative AI, Metaverse and Web3 Changing Entertainment
2:00 PM End of The Day

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Los Angeles Convention Center

Conference Room: 408

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We build a data science hub to connect real-world knowledge and provide robust resources for business leaders, academic professionals, and promising students. Our vision to foster the data science ecosystem and broaden the adoption of the technology. We empower and accelerate the growth of the community by offering online resources, conferences, latest industry trend and data science job opportunities.