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Alexis Roos

Sr Manager, Data Science at Twitter

Alexis has been building software for over twenty years, with the last seven focusing on large scale data science and engineering using technologies such as TensorFlow, Apache Spark, Scala, Python, graph, machine learning, and deep learning.

Alexis currently works at Twitter where he is managing a team of data scientists.
Prior to that, at Salesforce, Alexis managed teams delivering voice, language and vision deep learning services for the Einstein.ai platform, in collaboration with research and before that, started a Machine Learning team working on deriving intelligence from activity data and created email insights and recommended connections features for Sales Cloud.

Previously Alexis worked for Radius Intelligence, Concurrent Inc, Couchbase, Sun Microsystems/Oracle for thirteen years and two large SIs in Europe.

Alexis started coding as a teen, became an avid 68000 programmer and pursued an MS in CS & Cognitive Sciences when AI was about expert systems and is constantly learning and experimenting with AI.

Alexis has spoken at dozens of conferences and is a mentor at thecamp.fr