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Alexis Roos

Director Data Science of Salesforce

Alexis is director of data science and machine learning at salesforce where he is leading a team of data scientists and engineers delivering Intelligent services for Einstein platform.
Alexis has over twenty years of engineering and management experience including 13 years at Sun Microsystems/Oracle, three startups and two systems integrators.
For the last six years, Alexis has focused focusing on large scale (100s of TBs of data and billion records) data science and engineering using technologies including data engineering, entity resolution, distributed graph processing, machine learning, natural language processing and deep learning.
Alexis started learning programming as a teenager, became an avid 68000 programmer and then pursued a Master’s Degree in CS with a focus on Cognitive Sciences when AI was about expert systems and has done countless trainings and learnings over the years.
Alexis’ speaking experience include couple dozens of conferences, meet-ups and panels in addition to trainings and two University courses on Big data.
Alexis is also currently a mentor at thecamp (https://thecamp.fr/)