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Ameya Gokhale

Data Scientist at Stackline.

I recently completed my masters in Information Systems Management from Carnegie Mellon University. Knowledge wise Carnegie Mellon was one of the most full-filling experiences I have had. I was working as a Data Scientist in Australia for a company called Pernix. Pernix was mainly into sports analytics but also did a lot of data driven growth consulting. After graduating from Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh I started working as a Data Scientist at Stackline which is a retail e-commerce tech company. At Stackline we are building innovative retail intelligence software, tools, and services to help the world’s most dynamic brands optimize their investments in digital advertising and e-commerce. At the conference I would like to discuss some of the machine learning techniques being used in one of the most innovative retail intelligence companies. Let’s talk about Classification at Scale and Hierarchical Modeling in the Retail Industry. The talk would cover how computer vision techniques combined with NLP can help us classify better. Also, I would love to hear questions which would help me improve as a data science professional. Join me at IDEAS 2019 on 26th October at 3:30pm!