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Andrew Acosta

Data Scientist at Milesius Capital Resources LLC

Andrew Paul Acosta earned a Masters of Business Administration with honors from Roosevelt University in Chicago, and working on a PhD in Knowledge Management.

Andrew is the lead data scientist at Milesius Capital Resources LLC, a statistical consulting firm specializing in foreign currency trading, futures, swaps, fixed-income, and options, also offering expertise in clinical trials, biostatistics, financial risk management, economic research, business analysis and engineering in computing environments such as: R, SAS, MATLAB, C++, Python, SQL, and various analytical methods in time series data mining.

Andrew teaches as an adjunct instructor at both land-based and online learning environments in finance, econometrics, time series analysis, statistical programming, information systems, and data science. He draws upon two decades of financial engineering experience in derivatives pricing and risk management, including mortgage-backed securities and credit default swaps. He is a professional speaker invited to deliver presentations in personal motivation, data science, economic theory, finance, econometrics, financial regulation, biostatistics, and information systems management.