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Anna Zakowska

Sr. Technical Program Manager@Fortress Series

Anna Zakowska is an experienced Senior Technical Program Manager, Product Manager, ML, and Software Developer. She is prototyping, developing, and deploying cross-functional AI R&D innovations with efficiency, quality, and predictability. Her experience counts 10+ years in software development, program, project, product and dependency management, design of distributed data platforms, engineering operations, data storage, architecture frameworks, and cloud solutions. Anna is a Ph.D. Level Data Scientist, Researcher, and Engineer with expertise in using data mining, statistics, computer vision, NLP, GIS, SNA, ELT, and ETL techniques. Ms. Zakowska implements those methods and tools to build machine learning models, compute and services analytics, big data pipelines, recommendations and personalization engines, risk and dynamic pricing models, algorithms, web scraping, and many other solutions. In addition, she operates an extensive portfolio of product releases, structuring execution around SDLC best practices in Agile, Kanban, and SaaS / DevOps. I embark on a customer-centric and team-oriented leadership to successfully manages large R&D solutions as well as broad cross-organizational programs, optimizing processes for low overhead and high efficiency while empowering individuals to own and deliver results on time. Currently, Anna is a Sr. TPM for the GCP Cloud AI and Industry Solutions for Google / TCS, overseeing several innovative products: Document AI, Model Factory, Document Warehouse, Vision AI, Natural Language, Enterprise Knowledge Graph, and Incubator.