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Griselda Vargas

Health Care Analytics at Anthem

I was born in raised in South Los Angeles and have always had a passion for technology. I worked in nonprofit sector creating technology tools for community college vocational training program which included healthcare administration. As I became more curious about healthcare, I worked for an advocacy organization empowering clinics, hospitals, and healthcare enrollment specialist on navigating the new healthcare law and technical aspects. I helped guide my organization’s recommendations to update the Covered CA enrollment application to include proper Spanish translations, helped guide the strategy to outreach through social media and grassroots efforts across South Los Angeles, and helped develop a local portal of enrollment and continuity of care resources during the implementation of the ACA. I decided to shift to data science at Anthem due to the lack of data-driven decisions I saw when Covered CA was being implemented across CA. I hope to continue learning and eventually help create a more data-driven platform to healthcare that functions for all Californians.