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Harvard Han

Founder @ Muah AI INC

Been a power user of computers since I was 5 years old with Windows ME computer on dial-up internet, and downloading games into floppy disks to share with friends. To now, working as IT Director with angel investor funding my AI startup with a blank check. I have been a founder of multiple business endeavors, but I will be keeping the bio short just within my AI background.

Personally, I have been researching AI as far back as before Google vision (launched in 2015), to use Google vision photo interpretation to bulk automated processing photo to text for business applications which in result have saved the company hundreds of man hours if it was done by hand. In 2019, I started integrating live phone calls and SMS with AI automation systems to automate lead filtering processes which saved the company hundreds of thousands of dollars in saved labor. Having done countless amounts of AI projects over the years from 2019 to 2023, if I have to list them with a summary it would be taking hours to explain.

Lastly, Muah AI now in 2023. In summary, it is a company I founded being the first in the world to integrate SMS, Phone call, Website, Web app, iOS app, android app with direct AI chat , send photos (you can send a photo to AI, and AI can see and react to the photo with the chat), receive photo (AI will generate a photo for you based on what’s being discussed), send voice (you can talk to AI in audio, and AI would understand), and receive voice (AI can talk back to you in realtime). And we already have technology for AI video in the work (but with early concept demostration). With everything powered by a new breed of LLM that exceeds ChatGPT in terms of the freedom of topics you can discuss (under NDA, which means we cannot discuss in presentation).