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Jennifer Prendki

VP of Machine Learning at Figure Eight

Dr. Jennifer Prendki is currently the VP of Machine Learning at Figure Fight, the essential human-in-the-loop AI platform for Data Science and Machine Learning teams. Prior to joining Figure Fight, Jennifer managed Data Science teams within the Search Department of Walmart Labs and at Atlassian. She has spent most of her career creating a data-driven culture wherever she went, succeeding in sometimes highly skeptical environments. She is particularly skilled at building and scaling high-performance Machine Learning teams, and is known for enjoying a good challenge. Trained as a particle physicist, she likes to use her analytical mind not only when building complex models, but also as part of her leadership philosophy. She is pragmatic yet detail-oriented. Jennifer also takes great pleasure in addressing both technical and non-technical audiences at conferences and seminars, and is very passionate about attracting more women to a career in STEM.