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Kyle Polich

Host at Data Skeptic

Kyle Polich is the host of Data Skeptic, a podcast about data science, statistics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, all through the eye of scientific skepticism. Outside of the show, he’s an advisor for a few early-stage startups and consults with growth companies to deliver end-to-end data solutions. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and their talking parrot Yoshi.

• Data Skeptic began in 2014 and quickly rose to be the #1 ranked data science podcast on iTunes
• Kyle’s professional experience covers industries such as ad tech, market research, e-commerce, video games, image recognition, and satellite communication.
• In 2017, Data Skeptic is focused on making deep learning understandable to a general audience, so everyone can understand this important technology that is subtly impacting our daily lives
• Kyle is a mentor for aspiring data scientists through his teaching with Thinkful, mentoring at NewMet Data Science boot camp, and one-on-one mentorship arrangements.