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Manju Devadas

Founder & CEO of Pluto7

Manju Devadas is the founder/CEO of Pluto7 which is one of the top 5 breakthrough partner of the year award by Google with ML and AI focus. He has overall 17+ years experience in predictive analytics and as an Executive, Technology Leader and Architect he has helped companies with business transformation and revolutionize the way people do business.
He works closely with a passionate group of executives from industry who share his vision for change. Being an innovator, he envisions an ecosystem of the supply chain that functions smoothly on the principles of machine learning and AI. He also sees immense potential for outgrowing spreadsheets and ERPs, and optimizing sales and supply chain through automation and innovate SaaS products like www.Planninginabox.com .
Driving simplicity while managing complexity in improving the human experience at work and home in the context of Retail and Manufacturing is his passion. His business transformation experience comes with the combined knowledge of application of AI, Deep Learning, Tensorflow, Machine Learning for Enterprise and SMB with a Container based Serverless Architecture SaaS products creation gained through strategic partnership with Google combined with the awareness of AWS and Azure.
He has a strong hunch that the changes we see in the supply chain next 5 years are going to be more transformational than what we did in the PC era transition and the birth of the internet. Coming from a family of movie producers, he was inspired to become a film director as a child. Things changed after high school when he got his first computer and rest is his resulting career path.