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Umesh Rao. Hodeghatta

Lead Data Scientist

High integrity, energetic leader known for taking risks and ability to create successful results in complex situations. I can help you deliver your business outcome using data based on my knowledge, experience and background. The business outcome could include generating significant revenue, innovating new business models and defeating your competition. If you enjoy winning, then let’s figure out how we can work together to make that happen real soon.

– I provide expert services on AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing(NLP), Business Analytics, Big Data Analytics and cyber security.
– At NU-Sigma Analytics Lab, we have provided AI, ML consulting services to several leading organizations over the last several years.
– I have authored books on “Business Analytics” and “Information Security” published by Springer Apress, USA.
– I constantly speak at AI and Machine Learning forums. Checkout my website for list of invited talks (http://www.mytechnospeak.com)
– I share my knowledge working as a faculty at Kent State University, Walden University, Xavier Institute of Management (I teach Business Analytics, Data Mining and Machine Learning, Information Security and other related courses).
– My adventurous and risk taking attitude, wide technology experiences and education, Ph.D from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and Masters, from Oklahoma State University, USA, has prepared me for taking any risks and challenges.
– I have gained technical, leadership and management experiences by working at Wipro, McAfee, Cisco Systems, and AT&T Bell Laboratories and other leading organizations in my career. This experience has given me working with teams, managing, and building high performance teams, managing and releasing software products on time, etc.
– I am open for discussing any consulting opportunities your organizations may have.
Visit our website: http://www.businessanalyticsr.com