Amir Jaberzadeh

Nov 17, 2022

I am a computer vision scientist for over 14 years. I have worked on medical image computing and computer vision at Harvard Medical School and University of Southern California. I recently was able to…

Anna Zakowska

Nov 17, 2022

Anna Zakowska is an experienced Senior Technical Program Manager, Product Manager, ML, and Software Developer. She is prototyping, developing, and deploying cross-functional AI R&D innovations with efficiency, quality, and predictability. Her experience counts 10+…

Manimuthu Ayyannan

Nov 17, 2022

Engineering Leader with 12+ years of experience in building data intensive applications, tackling challenging architectural and scalability problems in Big Data Ecosystem Expertise in managing large-scale distributed systems that process large volume of data…

Peyman Mohajerian

Nov 17, 2022

Data scientist and big data architect and leader at Databricks focusing on the Retail vertical solving tough technical challenges using Databricks.

Pejman Yedidsion

Nov 17, 2022

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the UCLA School of Engineering and Applied Science and after working as a software engineer for several years, I attended law school. I…

James R Dorsett

Oct 13, 2020

Having obtained a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA), students will greatly benefit from my diverse experience as a professor, entrepreneur, business and financial manager, coach, and involvement in community outreach. I am proficient in…

Neal Fultz

Oct 05, 2020

Neal Fultz is the Principal of njnm consulting, a boutique data consultancy in Los Angeles since 2019. He has held a variety of roles in industry, academia and government, including Senior Director of Quantitative…

Bin Fan

Oct 05, 2020

Bin Fan is VP of open source at Alluxio and the PMC maintainer of Alluxio open source. Prior to joining Alluxio as a founding engineer, he worked for Google to build the next-generation storage…

Chong Ho Alex Yu

Oct 05, 2020

Chong Ho Yu, Ph.D., D. Phil. joined Azusa Pacific University (APU) in 2012 and has served in various positions, including Professor (full) of Behavioral and Applied Science, Adjunct Faculty of Mathematics, Quantitative Research Consultant,…

Peter Voss

Oct 05, 2020

Peter Voss’ careers include being an entrepreneur, engineer and scientist. His experience includes growing a computer solutions company from zero to a 400-person IPO. For the past 20 years he’s focused on developing artificial…