Job List 7 – IDEAS Southern California Conference 2018!

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Welcome the upcoming IDEAS Southern California Conference 2018!

In the SoCal Conference 2018, we are honored to invite many professional speakers with a background in data science. In particular, these speakers provide a rare opportunity to recommend jobs.

Come to join our Southern California Conference 2018, and meet up with our speakers.

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There are opening positions for data science at famous companies in below:

Apex Systems

IT – Business Analyst – Senior

Maketeting Business Analyst



Data Analyst


Certerfield Corporation

 Data Analyst

Data Scientist


Deluxe Entertainment Services Group Company Location

Sr. Financial Analyst



Salesforce Data Analyst



Sr. Data Analyst


NBCUniversal Media, LLC

Data Analyst – Games



Healthcare Data Analyst



Data Modeling Analyst



SQL Data Analyst, Analyst/Officer


 City of Los Angeles

Programmer Analyst


Figure Eight

VP of Engineering

Senior DevOps Engineer


Live 11/10: Building Trust In An Age of AI And Data Science (Recap)

Nov 15, 2018

With the Facebook & Cambridge Analytica scandal keeping security practitioners and their lawyers up at night, and rightly so, it is very likely there is second guessing going on over the digital transformation happening in organizations. Across all functions — marketing, sales, LOBs, support — the “go digital, go cognitive, go AI at all costs” mantra is being questioned. In this week’s webinar, Ashwin Krishnan delves into the ethics of today’s technologies.

What happened to the “Data Science” Company Wayfair

Feb 21, 2020

By Jahnavi Kachina, IDEAS

Wayfair is an America E-Commerce fast-growing company for selling furniture and home goods online. As of January 2014, Wayfair was the largest retailer store for furniture and goods in the United States, and 33rd Largest for an online retailer in the United States [1]. The company also has generated profit as shown in figure1 a). but the company is not able to make a profit since 2014 it went to the public according to figure1 b).

Big Data and Data Science in Gaming Industry

Sep 14, 2018

Author by Fifi Young

In America, the gaming industry is over twice as large as the movie industry ($8 billion revenue) (States in Global Games Market Report) and is expected to continue growing for the foreseeable future.

Data analysis optimize in-game performance and end-user experience. Other most interesting uses for data science are within the aspects and process around game development. Games are used as a method for collection of data, such as:

  • user play time;
  • interactions between players;
  • quitting point (when players leave a game);
  • peak server times, lag/ping rates, international connections;
  • if a social media game, all of the user activity and profile data associated with player accounts.

With Big Data playing an increasingly larger role in how the gaming industry collects and analyzes data, the intersection between gaming and analytics has resulted in the ability of gaming companies, such as Electronic Arts, to increase advertising revenue, improve gameplay, and efficiently manage the user experience. They use data analysis techniques to identify meaningful relationships, patterns, trends, and user behavior models from complex data sets to guide service roadmaps and create automated anomaly detection systems and constantly track game performance.

In our IDEAS Southern California Conference 2018, we are honored to have a speaker with background in gaming. @Yves Bergquist is the Director of the “AI & Neuroscience in Media” Project at the Entertainment Technology Center, where his team is developing next-generation applications drawn from AI and neuroscience for the media and entertainment industry. Also, We had @Peyman Mohajerian presented “Applying Apache Spark to Data Science Challenges in Media & Entertainment Industry” and @Oren Golan introduced “Evolving Graphs while Evolving Pokemon” in our 2016 Southern California Conference.

Welcome to the Southern California Conference at LA Convention Center on 10/20/2018:

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